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                SICA Won “the National Advanced Collective of Trade Circulation Service Industry”

                Posted Date: 2020-12-07  

                On December 4th, Shanghai Federation of Commerce held a commendation conference called “Shanghai Trade Circulation Service Industry fights against coronavirus, safeguards city life and lifts Shanghai Market, 2020”. SICA Quota Auction Management Center won “the National Advanced Collective of Trade Circulation Service Industry”.


                Mr. ZHOU Bin, Vice President of SICA accepted the honor on behalf of the collective.



                At the conference


                Leader posed for a group photo.


                As one of Shanghai important projects of public resources, the auction of vehicle quota has been highly concerned by all sectors of society. Since 1994, SICA has started the non-operating auction of vehicle quota entrusted by Shanghai Municipal People Government. We invented an online auction system and made millions and millions people join in the auction through Internet and cellphone. At present, SICA has five offline outlets respectively in Pudong, Changning, Putuo, Minhang and Huangpu. The online service center was also officially operated in 2019 to further improve the convenience of the service.



                A group photo of Fuzhou Road headquarters of SICA Quota Auction Management Center


                As the core business department of the company, the Quota Auction Management Center is responsible for the daily operation and customer service of the auction projects. In recent years, under the leadership of Shanghai Transportation Committee and Shanghai Vehicle Quota Management Office, and based on the principles of “In accordance with the law and regulations, embodying the fairness, promoting the efficiency, improving the service and strengthening the management”, SICA always keeps the highest standard, the strictest requirements and the best service as our guideline, to guarantee the stable operation of the vehicle quota auction.


                the Quota Auction Management Center’s headquarters located in Fuzhou Road


                With the high sense of responsibility and being conscientious and meticulous, SICA Quota Auction Management Center sets a good example for our window service. Our team will also continuously make efforts to achieve the unity of personal value, company value as well as social value, to serve the public and society actively.