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                New Strategic Partnership with Shanghai Technology Exchange

                Posted Date: 2020-12-06  

                On December 4th, the First Technology Auction held jointly by Shanghai Technology Exchange and SICA closed successfully in Shanghai. At the meantime, an agreement of strategic partnership was signed between both parties. Based on the advantages of bilateral technologies, talents and resources, both parties would build online auction platform together, administrate featured auction platform of technology transaction, explore and innovate products and pattern of service, as well as accelerating the circulation of technology and enlivening the market. During this activity, Shanghai Technology Exchange and SICA also jointly issued a ‘Trading Guide of the Auction of Technology’, and introduced the process, advantage and prospect of this cooperation to various market entities.



                Mr. ZHU Zhenghong, Director of Shanghai Science and Technology Center and Chairman of Shanghai Technology Exchange made a speech.


                Mr. DAI Peihua, Chairman of SICA made a speech.


                A new agreement of strategic partnership was signed.


                Mr. PEI Xin, President Assistant of SICA, issued ‘Trading Guide of the Auction of Technology’ on behalf of both parties.


                Mr. XU Rong, Vice General Manager of Shanghai Technology Exchange issued TechDeal.


                Three targets were included in this auction, which reached a total price of 4.74549 million yuan. Among which, three transformations of the ownership of patented technology closed respectively at 2.8849 million yuan, 1.8 million yuan and 65 thousand yuan.



                At the auction


                At the auction


                As the first group of facilitating agencies of Shanghai Technology Exchange, Shanghai Technovo, Shanghai Hengdao Asset Management Co., Ltd and Guanyan Patent Technology Co., Ltd also provided high-quality service for this auction. No matter in project promotion or trading scheme, they all provided precious experience for the follow-up technology transaction.


                Shanghai Technology Exchange also introduced “TECHDEAL”, an app which combines the research results of universities and enterprises, shows the real technology requirements of enterprises, connects the financial service products and investment intent of banks and investment institutions, as well as providing service in various fields. It helps buyers locate the technology they need while helping sellers promoting their technologies, seeking funds for projects while making fast trade for them. All in all, this app will make the technology transaction easier.


                According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, the volume of transaction of national technology contract reached 2000 billion yuan the first time in 2019, which is 3.5 times as much as the number in 2012. Technology transaction has already grown up into a huge market. In March, the State Council issued “Opinions in the construction of a more perfect system and mechanism for market-based allocation of the factors”, and purposed the importance and urgency of “accelerating the development of technical factor market” and “promoting the reformation of market-based allocation of the factors”, which brought a great chance to the development of Shanghai Technology Exchange.


                Since our first auction of technology was successfully held in Shanghai, 2018, SICA has been devoted to the innovation of the mechanism of technology auction, the inspiration of market trading entity and providing a functional platform for the transformation of technological achievements, based on the direction of internationalization, platformization and professionalization.


                Leaders posed for a group photo.



                The following deep cooperation between two parties will start from working with the various technology trading entities in the Yangtze River Delta, to establish the “Shanghai Brand” of this mechanism of technology auction and contribute “Shanghai Wisdom” to the value promotion and acceleration of technological achievements, based on the characteristics of technology trade.