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                ABOUT US

                ABOUT US

                  Business Objective

                • ·To build a world-class auction firm


                Company Missions

                • ·To win reputation by high quality services

                • ·To pursue profits with the good reputation

                • ·To contribute to the society from our profits

                Introduction to SICA

                Shanghai International Commodity Auction Co., Ltd. (SICA) is a comprehensive auction firm established three decades ago. Licensed by the then Ministry of Domestic Trade of China and the Municipal Government of Shanghai, SICA is the among the first auction businesses reestablished under China's Reform and Opening-up Policy when auction sales were permitted again.

                Over the past three decades, SICA held over 3,613 auctions with a sales turnover of more than RMB 130 billion yuan. For an annual breakdown over the recent years, the turnover was 136.6 billion yuan in 2019.

                Starting from a small group of people, we continue to dedicate ourselves to improving management, innovation, business development, talents acquisition, and have been keeping growing over 30 years. We are specialized in judicial foreclosure, disposal of public assets, corporate liquidation, state land leasing and disposal of non-performing assets of financial institutions, covering tangible assets, land and real estates, fine art, equity, intangible assets, etc. SICA is designated by courts, government institutions, banks, asset management companies and state-owned enterprises at both central and local levels with auction sales.

                Our Honors

                Since 1996, SICA has been accredited "Model Unit" by the Municipal Government of Shanghai, "Business Enterprise of Observing Contract and Valuing Credit" by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, AAA Enterprise by the Chinese Association of Auctioneers, AAA rating by Shanghai Municipal Council for the Promotion of Contract Credit and AAAAA credit rating for auction firms in Shanghai. We are certified to the ISO9001:2015 Quality System and ISO27001:2015 Information Security Management System. SICA is a recognized "Well-known Trade Mark in China" and "Famous Trade Mark of Shanghai".

                Our Philosophy

                SICA is proud of our operations structure. We abide ourselves by the modern enterprise system and keep improving this structure with well-defined charters of the Board of Shareholders and the Board of Directors. The strict internal regulations ensure that SICA provides high quality services. We are the first company in the auction industry in China to have established a complete internal quality control system, many standards of which have now become the national standards. Quality control is carried out throughout the auction to maximize the benefits of our consignors and at the same time to win the market. The services of SICA are centered on our clients and aim for exceeding their expectations. We implement rigorously the Auction Law of China and other related regulations while expanding the business.

                Our Facilities

                SICA is located in the Bund CBD in Shanghai. The historic building of 3,000 square meters can hold up to 400 people for an auction. The online auctions are supported by the 100 megabytes optical fiber network and assisting Internet facilities to realize simultaneous audio and visual presentation, price quotation, lot display, client identification, online catalogue and live broadcast.